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Can't Get To Tree of Life

May 28, 2008
I completed all the tasks in the Ancient Burial Grounds, even all the Mossback quests and Oakheart. Seemingly ending the quest. None of the NPC have any question marks or anything to say to me. But when I go back to the Tree entry area the bridge is still out.

SO... no one to talk to. No place to go.

Any tricks? Any thoughts? I'm just stuck here.

Update: I DID do all the tasks in ABG. But I forgot to complete on in Village of Sorrow. The Cow/forge. After that got right across the bridge.
A case of missing a quest in an area other than the last one before the next area.

BTW - Made it trough Moo Shu. Bring on Dragonspire!

May 24, 2008
hmmmm it's been a LONG TIME since I did this but I vaguely recall you have to trot back to the emperor's area to get this quest - as you face the temple, I think it is the guy to the left, by the water in the main area (where Moodah is ).

You will be sent there, can't just show up and get the bridge.