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cant get fruit

Aug 11, 2009
beat oni cant get fruit from the tree to heal the emporer what am i doing wrong i had 3 other players helping me went back and started over didnt miss anyone that i know of please help have been working on for 3 days solid
stabbed tree with knife was sent thru portal beat everyone even went to emperor throne -lite light fought there but the emperor
is not healed.

help help help

thank you thank you thanks you

Jun 14, 2009
After you beat the oni, did you go back and talk to the dude near the tree of life? Sorry, can't remember his name. He sends you over to the tree and a box comes up saying you pick the fruit and than sends you back to him, if my memory is serving me correctly. Please correct me if I am wrong.

You don't actually have to grab anything from the tree itself.

Jul 24, 2009
Jun 14, 2009
another thing is to check your quest to see if it recognized that you beat him. if your quest helper is turned off, sometimes it won't recognized a battle. So check to see if you still have the quest, if you do, than check quest helper. you may have to switch realms as well.