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Can anyone help me?

Jun 15, 2011
I'm too weak to defeat the Plague Oni, and no one will help me. I already called on all of my friends, and no one will help me. The worst thing is that my other account is a lower level than me and he's already in Dragonsphyre. Can anyone help me? Level 42 storm wizard.

Mar 12, 2013
1 - Go to a realm that's almost full and snag someone who is about to go in to help you.

2 - Your other account isn't storm so your mileage with other school wizards may vary. I found krokotopia ridiculously easy with fire wizard but very hard with storm.

3 - Basic combat skills: kill minions first, use shields, use your own minion if you're soloing, pre-emptively heal yourself if you fizzle or run out of steam or don't draw tempest

4 - At your level you should have a deckbuilding strategy for specific enemies or combinations of enemies. You know the minion is myth so you need to be able to get rid of storm shield. You know the oni is a giant wall of balance and has judgment. use this to stack your deck before going into the match so you always have an answer.

5 - Use every advantage and opportunity you can to deal extra damage: a prism will change your storm hits into myth hits, which deal 16% more damage to the balance Oni than just plain storm. It also gets around elemental shield. That 16% may be the difference between survival and failure if your health is low. That said you don't want to draw 4 prisms and no krakens.

6 - Look at the gear you're using and check the bazaar and friends' gear to compare how well you're doing for your level. Sometimes it's easy to forget that the nifty hat you got from Krokenkahmen that carried you through Marleybone, just doesn't cut the mustard anymore and you need an upgrade.

6a - This goes for amulets and pets. Find and train a pet that's a good fit for your play style. It doesn't have to be a storm pet although this helps a lot. Any pet with a relevant resistance boost or healing. An amulet is a sideboard that you can use again and again. Pick one that gives you multiple cards preferably 0-pip spells like weakness or shields so you can build up towards a big tempest in safety.

Mar 12, 2013
One other edit I wanted to make but ran out of space.

A lot of storms get addicted to tempest, it's a cool spell and pretty useful but know when to use it. As a famous engineer once said, sometimes you need a little less gun.

When you're soloing, you're outnumbered and will take twice as much damage. At low levels this isn't a huge problem because you have a large health buffer to work with, and better spells. At about midway through Mooshu this begins to change and you see enemies with spells like yours, and health like yours. And you're facing two or three of them at a time.

Return to first principles - if you don't turn the match into a fair match, you will fall behind and run into trouble. Turn a 2:1 fight into a 1:1 fight. Eliminate minions. That's why Halston teaches you things like zilla and triton, so you can surgically remove parts of opposing teams in one hit.

It's not as glorious but boy does it get the job done. And even if you do use tempest, adopt the principle of Just Enough. Sitting on pips for a colossal deluge is fun and really gratifying but costs you turns. Learn to do the math in your head with every turn - can I kill these guys yet? Will I do enough damage? If the answer is yes, push the button. Waiting even one turn too long can allow them to slide a storm shield or a weakness or a tower or something even worse between you and victory.