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Burning down scout towers

Sep 15, 2012
I have a main quest in MooShu where I have to burn down the scout towers, however when I go up to them nothing happens, there's no dialogue, no box, no hints, nothing. Please help asap!

-Tavia Swift level 37 Conjurer.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
When you are underneath one of the towers, click 'X.' Sometimes the dialog box doesn't show up telling us to do that, but clicking on it anyway still works.

If you can't get past this quest after trying to just click X, then contact KI support and report the problem. They will help you get on to the next quest. You can reach them by clicking the "Help?" icon in the upper right corner of this page.

Good luck!

Alia Misthaven

May 29, 2009
I've found that most times when this happens it's because someone else also has the same quest and has already "burned the towers". You can either wait for the timer to reset or just change realms. I would suggest the realm change as it takes less time.