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bug in spiral awakening quest?

Jun 18, 2011
I got quest name Spiritual Awakening.
My quest is just go and talk to sheep anme Ken Shui.
But i dont know what wrong because i cant talk to him.
It wont let me go through the doors.
I just wanna finish Mooshu But how can I if I cant do my quest.

May 20, 2010
I wasn't aware that you had to go through any doors to talk to Ken Shui. Doesn't he stand in the middle of the village?

If you have the quest Spiritual Awakening, that means that you've already
talked to Ken Shui. You should now have a quest to go talk to Ting Yin, defeat Usunoki, and then talk to Ting Yin again.

If you've done those things, and you still can't talk to Ting Yin, try changing realms. If that doesn't help, send in a ticket to Support.