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Bad luck over a SWORD

Jan 17, 2010
Hi everybody I am really depressed because I really am having bad luck :( The first time I ever battled Jade Oni, which was for my quest because I had to heal the ruler guy, i was level 39 and I didnt get a sword. I see MANY MANY wizards with jade oni's amethyst sword and I was really sad but then i decided to battle Jade Oni again but i still didnt get it. I battled him over and over and over and i STILL didnt get it! I think i defeated him about hmm 13 times and i didnt get the sword. And you want to know the hard part? I am life so he resists my attacks! So i gave up on him and went to Oyotomy the defiler because i knew he had a sword to give too. I battled him about nine times and yet i DIDNT get a sword. I am level 40 and I dont think you can buy level forty swords at the bazaar :( Does anyone know what i can do about this?

May 20, 2010
The Jade Oni drops a lot of different things. The chance of getting the blade is probably about 1 in 25 to 1 in 30, meaning you can go a long time before you get one.

I don't know of any level 40 swords that can be bought. You can get a Crowns item (Phosphorescent Maul) that gives a power pip. Otherwise, the level 45 swords can be bought at the Bazaar.

Mar 18, 2010
Keep on trying, drops are totally random. :-D Getting things you want takes lots of patience and a good deal of luck. If I am trying for a pet everyone one with me will get one or two of them and I don't. You may get the item the first time or never.

Megan F