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Are you done with MS when you defeat the oni?

Jul 02, 2010
I wanted to know. Beacuse I blaze through worlds quickly. MB seemed easy to me since I beat it in 2 days.

Aug 10, 2011
No you got to do this, I finished Mooshu myself so i know.

Complete areas Hamestu village and Tataki Outpost.

Quest to defeat War 0ni in Crimson Fields.
The PigOni health : 1600 i think. I have not done this Dungeon Since Before October 2011.
The war onis health : 2000

PigOni: Fire. Oni: Fire. On to next areas.

Complete areas Cave of solitude and Kishibe Village.

Quest to defeat Plague Oni in Shirataki Temple. (Longer then next Oni Dungeon )

First you need a key to unlock the gate. the non player character gives you a guest to defeat a random pig. Then gives you a quests to go to 4 or 5 Shrines i think. It also summons Wavebringer who you defeat. Then the PigOni then the Plague Oni!!!!

PigOnis health: 1800 Ice.
Plague onis health: 2200. Balance.

Complete areas Anicent Burial Grounds and Village of Sorrow.

Quest to defeat Death Oni.
(Also some secret bosses there including Youkai who gives you the Sword Saint Badge)

First you need to defeat a pig named Nomanaga.

Then you open a portal to the Death Oni.
PigOnis health: 1950 i think.... My gosh i have lots of Tree of Life memory loss. Lol. Death.
Death onis health: (i think) 2500 Death. Isnt the name obvious......?

No more areas! Lets celebrate and go to Dragonspyre and defeat Malistare :D

Celebrate yeah comeo-

Not so fast you still got Jade oni

Jade Oni the nightmare.

Just him. There is NOT a pig before him.

Jade oni: 7500 Health. Life.
-Jade oni falls over-
Blah blah blah now oni slayer and get to go to dragonspyre

NO! you got to defeat Cyrus Drake i just want to go to malistare lair and save the spiral

Cyrus is easy. Forunately.... The biggest spell he used on be was trap blade and Cyclops me i think. Unfortunatly.... No new spell. He has 5000 health.

Welcome to the bastillica!

Join the 2000 health crew ^_^

Alura Mythshade level 50 Necromancer
Calamity OrgeBlossom level 30 Thergist
Cheryl Trollcaster level 41 Pyromancer

Jun 11, 2010
Which oni? There are quite a few. First there is the War Oni in the Crimson Fields. Then there is the Plague Oni in Shirataki Temple. Next there is the Death Oni in the Tree of Life. Finally there is the Jade Oni, in the Jade Palace. Once you beat all of those Oni's as well as the quests in between, then you are done with MooShu.