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Answering NEARLY all Mooshu Questions

Jul 18, 2009
I have completed nearly all of the quest in Mooshu. On rare occasions I can help you with quest I have already completed. But unfortunetly I have alot of my plate right now. So hope I can help you!

Tyler Fireheart level 45 Necromancer.

Also just to throw this in there...... Professer Greyrose is WIN

Dec 23, 2008
Here's the answer to NEARLY all Mooshu Questions:
Do all the quests!

Seriously. A huge percentage of the posts we see here are because the players tried to rush through the game, skipping anything that didn't directly advance them to the next zone. And then they come here wondering why they can't get the next quest, or can't get into some room.

Hunt through every zone. If you see a punctuation mark over somebody's head, go see what they want. You'll save yourself a world of trouble.