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Am I to high level for MooShu?

Jun 25, 2011
I think you're fine! I can't remember what level I was going into MooShu, but I didn't have Ice Blade for quite some time! Obviously I was too low of a level to hold up on my own, but it's probably just an Ice thing. MooShu is super fun though, so just enjoy it!

Emma Ravenstone, lvl 51

Feb 04, 2011
no way! there's no such thing as being to to high lvled for a world, the higher the better! well, it does take longer to get new spells though

Jul 13, 2014
FrostKitty8160 on Apr 18, 2013 wrote:
Hi guys! :) I just got into Mooshu and I was wondering if I was too over-leveled. Right now I am level 40 and almost 41. Do you think I should cut back on the side quests? Are there any down sides to being over-leveled? Thanks for letting me know! :)

Grace SilverDust, Level 40, Ice / Life / Storm
No your not I just got in to mooshu at lvl 44.

Jacob Thunderflame

Feb 02, 2011
It depends on where you are. I finished off the War oni just yesterday Im lvl 43 now. When I get to lvl 45 im doing wintertusk then coming back

Jun 20, 2015
Side quests are life.
Don't even think about cutting them off.

Oh, by the way, if you're level 41 it's just really easy for you. I got to MooShu at level 36 and everything is easy for me. Well, exempt doing a school quest where I have to beat the Plague Oni and it's taking forever and I'm Storm and they're Storm too and prisms don't show up in time and my spells are weak for them and they have like 2000 health each and they spam weakness and shields and traps and Krakens and my health is always low my pet doesn't heal or do anything and I just want a new spell.

Alexandria Dreamcatcher,

Nov 11, 2012
Impossible to be over-leveled! It will be easier to complete the world if you are a higher level.

Sep 08, 2015
The only problem is if your under-leveled for a world. i think i'm mostly am, 'cause everytime i get my first drop it's ALWAYS 5 levels higher or so. i got here at 29 and i looked around and wanted to get to 30 first before anything, but it depends, because i only sidequest if i wanna get a higher level. but i'm doing fine, so you're lucky if you don't get bored enough to sidequest or take a break. Good luck with everything in Mooshu!

Fiona Dreamer
Mooshu loving lvl 32and

Mar 23, 2013
Man I do feel underleveled :( I started Mooshu in level 27-28, can anyone help me in Wysteria or Grizzleheim/Wintertusk?

Feb 12, 2012
I think that's a really great level to start in Mooshu at. Remember there is no such thing as being under-levelled, it just means that it will be easier in dungeons and battles. I was around lvl 35-36 when I entered Mooshu. and right now I'm level 40, just finished the tomuwaki the evil or something like that lol. Now I'm questing in the Village of Sorrow!! Jeremy Deathrider Level 40

May 07, 2015
no way i was level 40 in marlybone (well 39 i did some quests and got to level 40) lol so no :)

May 14, 2014
I never do the side quests and i am in mooshu and i have only defeated plague oni and dont know how much more to defeat but already i am level 42 . There is nothing bad in it cause it will be more easier to defeat the booses :)

-Isabella Life Flame

Oct 11, 2015
Never to high of a level!

Allison Shadowwhisper

Jun 18, 2015
I'm a level 40 right now. I just defeated the Plague Oni. Mooshu is such a pain! Hahaha.


Gorman HexSteed Level 40

Jul 12, 2010
Dude I know the feeling. It's annoying but it's a huge advantage. Just get it done!