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A Quest Bug in Crimson Fields HELP!

Jan 19, 2012
I've completed some of Mooshu and I finally got to Crimson Fields. When i got there i got some of the quests, then i finally fought Grum Foultooth. I had to quit in the middle of the fight. However, when i got back playing I went to Crimson Fields again(knowing I had to restart)I couldn't get a single quest. The only quest i had was Defeat War Oni. Can somebody help as soon as possible?

Jun 03, 2012
Did you send in a support request? When I have had similar problems like yours. My glitch happened at the final boss in Sunken City. I sent in a support request and within 24 hours they had reset the quest so I could complete it.

Good Luck,

Sarai Thundergrove, Master Pyromancer