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A Boss to Keep an Eye out for

May 22, 2009
Some of you have probably seen people with the badge sword saint. Wanna know how to get this badge? Go to Tree of Life dungeon and look around for places you can go into. (I can't explain much, my friend found it for me) Then when you see this boss who looks like a Imp you found it! I forget what the name of the boss is but anyway he is sort of a Imp. He has 8,000 health and has a minion helping. He's stronger then Jade Oni. If you defeat him you get Sword Saint badge. Sorry about the lack of info.

Christopher Battlehunter level 38, Prymancer

P.S. This won't be a quest when you go into Tree of Life, it is a secret so you have to find it.

Jul 07, 2009
This boss you are talking about is Youkai and you are right, he does have 8,000 health I beat him with an Ice friend and we managed to kill him. To find him you have to go past Oakheart in the Tree of Life and you have to go to the very last dojo in the dungeon. I forgot what minion he has but i think it is a Life school spider. Youkai is Life.

Christo HexShade Level 44 Pyromancer