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2nd secret boss in crimson fields?

Sep 24, 2009
Is there a second secret boss in Crimson Fields? I ported to a friend who was in Crimson Fields and he was fighting a Ninja Pig Boss. I think it was Rank 7 and I cant remember the name of the boss for the life of me. My friend is a newbie so when i asked him about it, he didnt know. He said he just kept doing what the dungeon told him to do but Ive done that dungeon MANY MANY MANY times and NEVER saw that boss. Dont anyone have any info? Plz post and let me know.

*tearing hair out* - Emily Dawnslinger

Jul 08, 2009
His name is Yakedo I belive, and you fight him after beating war oni I think.

Jun 18, 2009
Um, there is another boss. I don't know about ninja pig, but if you raise all of the emporer's flags on the battlefield, you will get a task to defeat this guy. After you defeat him, he turns into war oni, so maybe this was what you were doing...

Scarlet Willow
Master Sorcerer Lvl 48- Dragonspyre

Victoria Dusk
Magus Necromancer Lvl 35- MooShu

Feb 14, 2009
Is your friend ice? Cause then that would be a school quest boss, this is one of the few in a dungeon. The only secret boss comes out when you raise all the banners (Before the 10 enemies on battlefield quest) and then you get the 10 enemies ... quest he challenges you

Sep 24, 2009
No he's not Ice he is Balance and i have a grand balance and i dont remember fighting the ninja pig boss for a quest. I do know about raising the flags to fight Yakedo. O well I guess I'll never know LOL

Emily Dawnslinger
Master Of Death

Aug 10, 2009
If you already did crimson fields can you go back and do the secret boss? or can you redo crimson fields again? thanks


May 02, 2009
There is a boss that you can fight.

I forget the name of him, but he is a fire boss, around rank 7.

To fight him, you have to raise all of the banners before you fight the battlefield enemies.

When all banners are raised and your to that point, he will show up on the lower level.

Mar 13, 2010
His name is Yakedo.

He has 5000 hp (hit/health points) and according to other areas here in the forum, some nice drops, including a pet.

Mar 13, 2010
I forgot to mention that he is Myth.

include a deck re-shuffle in your deck for this.