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2 akujis?

Jul 08, 2009
I was farming with my friends in the tree of life (and thanks to my friends, i got the sword saint badge ) and when i got a potion and ported to my friends, there were 2 AKUJIS!!!! Is this a glitch or something?

(btw if anyone posted something like this i am sorry, i didnt bother searching)

May 02, 2009
Yeah, I posted a topic wondering the same thing.

But bascily it only happens when 3 or 4 wizards go into akuji's lair when their in the same instance. In this case, you'll fight 3 akuji's, and a kakeda spirit slave (I forget the minion name, but he is fire).

It was pretty hectic the first time me and my friends fought them, as we all died, but just think of it as an extra challenge, extra fun, and more chances to get the item you want from him.