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Which creatures do you wish you could collect?

Jul 24, 2013
I think I've said this before, but I wish we could extract cats and rats from Marleybone. I want to have a full Marleybone Monstrodome but have been reluctant to add one now as the only boss monsters in Marleybone you can extract from are Agony Wraith, Clanker and Black Widow. That's only three and I won't have a Monstrodome without a full team of four.

Also, maybe golems too. There are tons of mechanical enemies in the game.

Nov 22, 2009
Here is my list of new creature extracts..
1. Extract Elemental
2. Extract Cat
3. Extract Dog
4. Extract Human
5. Extract Dinosaur

Nov 05, 2011
I'd absolutely love for Fish (Anglers, Eels, Wing-Fins and Pira'Nyas) to be extractable.

Heres some other creature types that would be nice to add to Monstrology too:

Bear - What Chris Crowstalker said about altering the Polar Bear extract animus card.

Avian - This would be a very broad catagoty which would replace Extract Parrot with just "Avian". This would allow all birds to be extracted (Parrots,Toucans, Ravens, Eagles, Owls, Ghultures, Penguins and Crows/Firebirds). I'm not sure if the Immortals, Ra and Meowls should be included or not.

Dinosaur/Aztecasaur - Would consist of Tritops, Parasaurs, Raptors, Pterodactyls and Calacas.

Giant - Consists of Trolls, Cyclops, and actual Giants.

Canine - Would consist of Dogs, Wolves, Foxes, Jackels and Luphilim.

Rodents - Would consist of Mice, Rats, Sugar Gliders and Hoppers.

Serpents: Would consist of Boas, Snakes, Vipers, Fangs and Quetzals.

Elemental - Self explanatory, dolphin noises ftw!

Insect - Would consist of Goliaths, Shadow Weavers, Scarbs, Millipedes, Ants, Moths, Mantises, Bees, Hornets and Beetles. Maybe Sand Wurm Larva too.

Arachnid - Alter Extract Spider into just "Arachnids". It would consist of Spiders, Spider Mages and Scorpions.

As for Cats, you could group them all into the Feline catagory or you could seprate Qhats (including the House Purrzian Assailant, Calixco Guards, Bumbais and Ferals) from the other cats (Marleybonian cats, Lions and Jaguars).

Also, boars should be added to the Extract Pig Animus since they are just wild pigs.

Draconians, Krokotopians, Badgers and Wolverines would be nice too.