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Which creatures do you wish you could collect?

Feb 03, 2012
What kind of creature animus do you wish you could collect in Wizard101? I wish we had Spider, Riverclaw, Fairy, Elemental and cat animus.

Aug 23, 2016
Spider would be nice.

I think that the Loremaster should be added to the undead ranks.

Steven Ghoststalker

Sep 25, 2012
I posted about this in another thread, but I really would like the Loremaster.
I only really do Monstrology for the house guests, and I'm very proud of the library I've set up. The Loremaster would be perfect there.

There's also a lot more species of monsters that would make fun house guests.
Here's a few I wouldn't mind:

Spiders (Because let's face it, even before Morganthe re-awoke the Spiral was crawling (hehe) with them)
Giants (Including but not limited to trolls, cyclopes, and minotaurs)

I get that a fair few of these are a little world-specific, but tell me, when have you seen a parrot outside of Azteca?

Also, we gotta have the wyrm animus extend to Draconians. They look awesome, and I'd really like some bipedal non-undead guards. I'm not really a fan of polar bear, and the undead draconians don't smell too good, you know?

Feb 04, 2013
I wish they have the fallowing animus ( someday ) , Grizzly Bears, Sharks, Cats, Horses,Spiders, and Elephants.

The Elephant animus captures elephants, mammoths, onis and other elephant like creatures.

Spider animus, also works with Morganth in her spider form and maybe grandfather spider himself.

Horse animus, also works on unicorns, Pegasus, zebras and other horse like creatures.

Cat animus, works on cats, lions and other cat like creatures.

Shark animus works on sharks and shark like creatures.

B. Bear animus, Polaris is not the only place teaming with bears, why not extend this to other bear spices ( sorry it wont work on panda bears )

Jul 14, 2013
Aracnid: Includes spiders, scorpions, millipedes, and Hive spiders

Human: Includes all living human type enemies, including Malistaire in Dragonspyre and Morganthe

Shadow: Includes all shadow based creatures, such as the mobs in Zanadu, as well as Spider and his three children. Bat wouldn't be included at this time, since you're technically fighting the robots who morph into Bat.

Golem: Includes all manner of golems, titans in Polaris and Empyrea, and robots

Insect: Includes bees, wasps, hornets, shadow weavers, and goliaths

Feline: Includes cats from Marleybone and Mirage, lions (i.e. Kravenly), tigers

Canine: Includes dogs, wolves, and jackals

Rodent: Includes mice, rats, and moles (like the water moles in Celestia)

Mar 22, 2009
I really wish we could get Cyclops, Shark, Elephant, and Troll

Jun 02, 2017
I think it makes sense to be able to capture
  • Elemental - Summoned Servants. Makes sense that could capture them. I would put Capture Elemental in Krokotopia.
  • Construct - (This would cover Golem / Robot) - Constructed Servants, makes sense that we could capture them.
  • Demon - Again, demons are summoned. Makes sense that we could capture them. I would put this in Mooshu.
  • Plant - (This would cover Treant / Plant) - Change Capture Treant to Capture Plant
  • Fish
  • Crab
  • Bird (This would cover Ghulture / Bird / Other Bird / Owl / Penguin / Parrot.) Change Capture Parrot to Capture Bird
  • Bug (This would cover Ant / Bee / Beetle / Hornet / Mantis / Millipede / Moth / Prawn / Scorpion / Scarab / Spider / Spider Mage ) - Honestly they should make bug as a parent classification for these creatures. I would put capture Bug in Krokotopia.

Dec 31, 2015
i wish i could monstrology every single enemy in wizard city ( btw im going back to my death stuff ) and the starter spell to work on any enemy in any world, & for spells to be less exspensive. my point is that it should be easier to learn spells.

May 15, 2009
Golems and Elementals! Every time I pass by the Borealis Golems or Clockwork Golems I wish I could have them as house guests. As for Elementals, ever since I saw the elemental's goofy antics and their animations, I have always loved them!

Aug 03, 2014

I'm really hoping that KI keep on extending Monstrology to eventually include every enemy in game. I really love the addition of Monstrology and it's so fun collecting monster housing guests and monsters for my monstrodomes

I would love it if KI made the one-off instances repeatable for the purposes of collecting the monsters within them too. I'd really enjoy that

Nov 18, 2010
Oct 28, 2016
I want to collect all the new shadow creatures in Empyrea part 1. I tried to collect the death sewer sentinel in the run off drain and it gave the message wrong creature type when i sed the undead animus but it did almost collect the animus however. It would be awesome if there was a way to collect the animus of all the shadow creatures. Perhaps the Wizard 101 creators could give me some tips and tricks to accomplish this goal. We{ll just have to wait and see.

Feb 14, 2013
I would love to have the creatures in Firecat Alley (magma men and fire elves) for my fire house.

Mar 26, 2010
I definitely want to have Fairies and Elementals included.

Oct 18, 2009
Clockworks/Robots -Those butler robots from celestia would look so great as house guest, and those mecha suit fish would be nice in a mad science house

Elementals -This would include the elementals we see in mirage and Emperya (the round ones and the "golem" styled ones

Fairies- Because they are adorable

Draconians- because they look cool

and If they could change polar bears to all bears that would be great

Sep 05, 2009
I really wish Death Seraphs and Grim Seraphs, in Avalon, were considered undead! I had a really beautiful plan a few months back to make a type of "Council Chambers" for them and came to the sad end of finding out that they give no animus. They obviously aren't life creatures right? But I guess they are not undead either. AS WELL, I really wish you could get animus from Corpse Lanterns of Avalon. But they too, although seeming to be a sort of undead/spirit creature, are not undead, I had ANOTHER beautiful plan to use them in my Gardens house so they could be floating about like the enchanted lanterns they are.

Aug 03, 2014
macbrooke on Jun 11, 2018 wrote:
I would love to have the creatures in Firecat Alley (magma men and fire elves) for my fire house.
Fire Elf Tag with a twist! We'd all be running away from housing guests!

I like it!!!

Jan 08, 2011
  • Extract Boar
  • Extract Raven
  • Extract Rat
  • Extract Cat
  • Extract Troll
  • Extract Giant
  • Extract Shadow (ie. Rat, Scorpion, Bat, Spider)
  • Extract Aztecosaur

Dec 30, 2011
Boars are also pigs, so they can already be extracted by the extract pig spell.

Dec 17, 2014
I really want to be able to extract Warlord Minak and the Pit Boss , I guess that would be moose extract; but you could expand it to be cows from Mooshu as well


Jan 15, 2013
I would love to see Spiders, Golems, Giants, Goliaths, and Bee become part of monstrology.

i want giant because it would the Troll, Minotaur, and Cyclopes would fit in well with my Myth House.

May 23, 2015
I want an Evil Snowman Extract

Jun 28, 2013
Hello, I am glad players are talking about monstrology it is one of my favorites.
My rank is "gifted monsterologist (rank 18)". I have collected and created a lot of summon Monsters by now.
My favorites are the dragons from Avalon which include
--Bane Wyrm
--Black Dragon
--Caoranach the fire spitter
--Catalan the Lightning Lizard
--White Dragon
--Winter Wyrm
--Fire Spitter Spawn (smaller dragons compared)
These dragon are so majestic I made house guests with each of them along with about 5 of each summon card.
I feel I should also mention a few other dragons from other worlds
--Eirikur Axe breaker, from Winter bane hall
--Algid Wyrm, from Polaris

Now this brings me to my most prized possession Dragon I have both the house guest and treasure card of
SHADOWWOCK!! Yes I have the dragon Shadowwock as a house guest and summon minion card.
I don't know when I'll use shadowwock as a minion but I could tell you it is a very nice Majestic house guest.
Well that's my story about what my favorite creatures are good luck to all you fellow monstrologers!
Mark Dragonleaf L123

Dec 29, 2008
i love the idea of Horse animus, monkey animus, penguin animus

and maybe fishing animus somehow

Jul 13, 2013
Probably malistaire because I see him a lot in Marleybone and he’s cool or maybe morganthe
Wiz level 28