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Shadowwock minion

Jun 28, 2013
Hello, I was wondering if anyone has ever collected and created a Shadowwock summon monster card yet? I am in the process of doing so. If so, this minion will be extremely powerful. The Monster has over 50,000 health. Can you imagine having a minion to help you in your battle that powerful? .
So if anyone has do e so yet, please hit me back with your experience.

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Mar 16, 2009
The Shadowwock seems ok - lots of accuracy debuffs and decent damage even though it won't cheat its infamous Meteors. The problem is that the Shadowwock is a boss that needs to be taken down with excellent coordination. Your team has to do ~50k damage in just a few turns, and wizards who aren't the hitter have practically no window to even sneak in a quick extract.

I prefer Shadowbones myself. ~30k health is significantly less than the Shadowwock's, but still more than enough for the minion to last a long time. That battle isn't nearly as demanding, so everyone has plenty of opportunity to extract each battle regardless of what they're doing. Plus, if you don't have any friends to help out when you're up to farm, Shadowbones can be soloed much more easily.

Jun 28, 2013
Thank you for responding.
Since I have wrote this my friend and I have it down to a science. We usually kill him on the 9th round and when I use the triple animus elixir I get six Shadowwock animus.
so now I've created a few treasure cards and I even created a house guest ( very majestic )
We will have to try shadowbones now on your recommendation.
Again thank you for responding, happy trails.

Mark Dragonleaf l123 Gifted Monstrologist (rank 18)