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Monstrology Questions?

Jun 23, 2016
Okay I am starting to get the hang of this new addition and think it has promise. The only issue is that I am a 50+ Level and I find myself back in Unicorn Alley and the rest of Wizard City doing simple monsters cause where I am in the game I lack the experience to get the Tome's.

So is there a chart that breaks down what level of experience in Monstrology you need to be at what world? Also has anyone done the ranks yet?


Sep 20, 2008
Your monstrology rank is your monstrology level. Compare your monstrology rank to the rank of undead enemies. You typically want your rank to be equivalent to whatever enemy you're facing when you start to farm them, and you'll stop getting experience from an enemy when your rank is 6 above theirs.

Sep 29, 2015
Basically, every time you capture the animus of a monster the same as your rank, you gain Monstrology XP. You can also get less XP for monsters of a lower rank, or even bonus XP for the animus of a higher rank monster.

You can check what level of Monstrologist you are by pressing "C", finding the "Activities" tab, and going to the second page (the first only has crafting and gardening).

You will find it very difficult to capture a monster of a higher rank than your Monstrology level, unless you manage to one-shot them (take them down in a single attack) or are very lucky.

Wiz City has mostly Rank 1 and 2 monsters, with the exception of Colossus and occasional 3 bosses.
Krok goes from 2 to 4 or 5.
Past that, I'm not sure.

If anybody can get an actual listing of what ranks exist in what world, that would be great.