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World Nerfs Good? or maybe not..

Jun 13, 2013
Hi i'm a pretty old player, i believe when dragonspyre was the last world. The game was really hard and i found it entertaining. Now though i still play the game a lot but, its difficulty has fallen, a lot. I was always i fan of storm, the high risk high reward school. Yes it was annoying fizzling all the time and having low health but i loved the damage. but the high risk factor has completely vanished. Here i am killing House Pursian assailants on the first turn with tempest to get the carpet from the vendor. I played through mirage solo on my on test realm and live servers before the nerfs and it was my favorite world by far. I thought for once a world was challenging. (remebering Azteca and Khrysalis). Then the day those nerfs came out made mirage no longer my favorite world, and i was upset. I felt cheated that the hard work and effort i put in twice to do the world as it was meant to be played. But now Literally bosses in avalon have more health than the ones in mirage (some of them) and i wanted to know. Is it just me that is disappointed whenever a world nerf comes out? or am i just being irrational about the whole situation? Who liked mirage better before?

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
No, you're not alone.

There's going to be a lot of people who will post to this thread in total agreement with what you just posted. Then there will be a whole lot of other people who will come along and completely disagree with you and them.

Arguments and bickering back and forth will then begin.

As for my opinion: I see your point completely, but also see why this nerf happened.

I started playing in 2009 (a different account) and soloed nearly everything right up through the end of Polaris. On those occasions when I didn't solo, I went through with one dedicated friend. The two of us got through everything else together except Darkmoor and the Rat.

Notice how the only two instances that we two, very experienced players, couldn't duo were very similar in their intensity and cheat cycles? Yep. That's why things got messed up. Darkmoor was supposed to be hardcore and optional but for the sake of the game, main quest line bosses should never be on par with a hardcore dungeon.

KingsIsle made a main quest-line boss too intense for even an experienced, small team to finish. That locked out legions of casual players, who in turn were locked out of the Mirage test realm. Mirage went live without vital input from a huge segment of KingsIsle's customer base, who furthermore remained locked out of the new world because they couldn't get by the Rat.

KI was losing money because they'd skewed too hardcore on the main questline. This was a mistake that they had to correct.

Furthermore, they failed to provide decent 2nd and 3rd tier gear alternatives to Darkmoor. Nothing to craft, nothing in Crowns shop, nothing in Bazaar. If people couldn't get through Darkmoor (or at least the exalted dungeons), they were crushed by mobs even if they did team up and get by the Rat. That was another mistake on KI's part that contributed to Mirage being nerfed so hard and so early.

Alia Misthaven

Dec 25, 2009
Make it too hard, some people will get frustrated.
Make if too easy, some people get bored.

It's hard finding the middle ground

Feb 28, 2014
Worlds being nerfed is good for the game when the time is right. Frustrations go both ways; too hard or too easy. It's not easy to satisfy everyone and you cant when the game is designed for different people with different play style of all ages. Me, I don't like really hard challenging battles. Like the "Rat" and "Darkmoor" used to be. I hated Mirage before it was nerfed. It was too challenging for my taste and I lost interest questing in it. Now I love Mirage. It's one of my favorite worlds. In my opinion I don't think KI made a mistake nerfing the "Rat, Mirage, Dungeons, etc.. when they did in order to keep the game going. True, there'll will be those sharing their opinions on this threat causing disagreements and arguments