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The Scorpion

Jan 30, 2014
I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to bother anyone online for help because obviously they're busy themselves, so I'm requesting anyone's help for this one. It's just become a bit annoying to me, this fight is probably way harder than it should for me.

I'm open to any time, preferably this week. I'm not on any specific realm ever so you won't find me around the sigil. If you can do the 14th (Sunday) then that would be great! I'm not sure if this will be posted in time though.

Thank you!

Nov 07, 2009
Hello, the scorpion boss can be a tough boss, but soloing him is a task which can be done. I have done this many times on my 5 maxed wizards on my life, myth, ice, storm, and death. Now I can help with this boss, but it might be easier to use the "Team up" option on the boss and just wait for anther player to team up with you. I personally go around on my maxed lvl wizards in the kiosk by the bazaar and sometimes will join up with players that are struggling for these types of bosses. If you still can not find anyone just do something else in the spiral like farming, crafting, training pets, helping others while your team up is still in the process. This option always works for me after questing for so long. A tip for the scorpion is to not use any heal pets since this will activate his cheat. Any heals would activate that cheat actually. Quickest way to beat him is just to get rid of the storm minions, heal yourself up, and prepare for scorpion!

Hope this helps!

Chris Thundercloud 130