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Mirage, I am Amazed

Jan 07, 2013
Just got to the Thieves' Den. LOADS of cameos! Here is a Star Wars-esque scene complete with a band playing to the side. You also see a ton of creatures from all over the Spiral! Khrysalis, Azteca, Aquila, Polaris, even Krokotopia! For Pirate fans (me included), Boohbeard is here, in the flesh; you can hear him say "Yer gonna need a flag, every self-respectin' Pirate needs a flag"! This place, this WORLD even, is so beautifully put together. KI, you've outdone yourself, truly.

Quinn Winter 119
Quinn Ashheart 76
Quinn Skyheart 10
Quin Frogheart 7

Nov 05, 2010
Indeed, this world is amazing. As I have stated in many, many other posts; best world and update in years.

Sep 11, 2010
Mirage is amazing! I found the Thieves' Den and this area is stunning. I'm wondering and I hope we are able to get the band members as a crafting quest or a side quest. I also think the little guy walking around with drinks is adorable. He would make a cute addition as well. Please make it so! Thank you!