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Wizards who leave during Celestia Tower fight

Sep 12, 2009
I have tried this tower now four times, and have met some very wonderful strangers who have stayed in there the entire time with me, as we all died, heads bobbing together, in front of the last boss. To those wizards, I say THANK YOU - even though we were defeated, you stayed to help the whole time!!!!

But unfortunately, I have also been abandoned by other wizards during this tower battle - I hear the usual excuses, "I have to go somewhere", or "I'll be right back" - the most brazen one was a recent wizard who promised over and over to return, fled, and sent a message that he "Had to go, sorry". That left the rest of us as sitting ducks.

This is a long battle - and it seems to require four dedicated, smart, team-working wizards, who are willing to remain in the battle the entire time.

So please - if you decide to go in with other wizards in this, or any other tower for that matter, be aware that we need you to remain in there for the entire battle - we'll go the distance, and you should as well.

Taylor Dawnriver
Level 50 Grandmaster Theurgist

Dec 19, 2009
Jun 07, 2010
I agree that it is not right that Wizards leave an instance. It happen to me once while doing malistaire for the fifth time. I never had that problem in the tower they all stuck around and we finished it, Yay!

Thanks to a friend of mines. She new the place like the back of her hand, what to attack first, what tactics give the best results. She has a Grand in every School and all of her Grands Name start with Brooke. She knows who she is.

If she reads these forums couldn't have done it with out you. Thanks for the knowledge you have of the game and the help you provided in that Tower it was one of the best times I had in Wizard101 in awhile

Jun 09, 2009
Those annoy me to, but when people disconnect, that annoys me to.

Mar 24, 2009
mamatomaddy your quite right, people need to stay at it and help each other thru this tower. I have never made it all the way, but i am looking for advice on how to do it. Any ideas anyone?

Jul 02, 2009
Oh my god. I just cancelled my subscription. Now I'll never get to do the Celestia tower fight! What's it like in there?

Jun 07, 2010
Cerunnos wrote:
mamatomaddy your quite right, people need to stay at it and help each other thru this tower. I have never made it all the way, but i am looking for advice on how to do it. Any ideas anyone?

First and foremost it is possible with three GRANDS, 4 is better. But Grands are the best for it. If you are a grand and invite a lower level to join, you guys are as good as dead.

Their are 2 main bosses the first one has three boss sidekicks. Life, Ice and Storm school. Kill the sidekicks in that order FIRST. then Focus on the main boss.

Second boss has the Rat looking Marleybonians, The object is kill the rats first as fast as possible. Meaning every Wizard round attack, do not Blade or trap, they only remove them. So do not waste your turn Trapping, and Bladeing. The Rats have to die ASAP. Then Boss

The best school combos I feel for at least 3 wizards are. Life, Storm, Balance. Any other school works good for the fourth Wiz.

Jan 27, 2009
Also, DON"T HEAL! It's hard not to, but if you do they'll use rResurect (or whatever the spell is called) and heal the boss and the minions. Only attack them in the order Drifter said. DO NOT attack the Boss until all the minions are dead. That's why you can't use minions, because they attack anyone they choose.