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Why is it so- Depressing?

Mar 08, 2009
So far, i think Marleybone is my least favorite world of all.
While the story may be short, the bosses get extremely hard, and if you try to do side quests, you have to do everything all over again.
Honestly, KI could of at least made it sunny!
Right, Eveyone?

Blaze Owlstrider- Lvl. 27 Order of the Fang, Fire Mander pet "Sir Riley"

Dec 31, 2008
Can anyone help me with Counterweight? I'm on level 33 and still couldn't get through. I have friends but every time I'm doing things one of my other friends needed help! :-( I'll feel guilty if I don't help them but that's just me. Please give me a tip of not helping without having them feeling abandoned.

My name is Wolf WindBreaker with a Storm Hound name Sir Buster.
Sir Buster is Awesome but for some reason nobody is getting Storm Hounds.
I think it's because Storm Hounds cost too much crowns just like my clothes which could be worn by anyone. None of my clothes are being sold nowadays.

Apr 10, 2009
Its funny. When I first found out about the different worlds, Marleybone was the one that interested me the most. It had science and a nighttime setting. However, upon getting there, I find its just kind of ... dull for a city full of people. It could just be because it doesn't seem a very wizardly world, I feel like someone should be carrying a billyclub rather than a wand.

I do agree its a step up in difficulty, but I'm a life wiz and have had no real troubles soloing so far.