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Which realms has the most people on Ironworks

Aug 06, 2012
Just need at least two or three people that are willing to do Ironworks. Last time I tried to do it solo, only got through half before dying in a random battle trying to get to the next quest location. Reply if you are willing to help or know a realm that has a lot of people that do Ironworks.

Feb 25, 2012
I have already done Ironworks and I did it solo on my first try, it's so easy! There is no answer to the realm question. Just test all the realms from the top of the list.

Level 38 Magus Theurgist Gabriel Ashleaf

May 24, 2012
Ironworks can be done solo but you have to be wearing your best patience outfit. Marleybone is about learning watchfulness, patience, duel skill. If you're in a hurry and get caught up in street (roof?) battles all the time it not only uses your precious mana but wears you out. You kind of have to plan to go in. Make sure you're wearing gear that gives you the best stats. Have all your mana bottles full and capped. Do everything you can to stay out of street fights. If that means waiting for a minute until you're sure it's safe for you to get by then wait. Leave yourself enough time to go through while you're relaxed. This is good practice. Big Ben takes a couple hours.