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What to do next?!

Feb 15, 2009
Well I just finished all my marleybone quests that were really old and I only have three quests! Reading into that past, Stray cat strut, Um and Ken park?? But I heard it was optional. Is it true?? What do I do next? Do I need to finish reading into the past to get anymore quests or what?? Peace out!!

Jasmine Firesong,
a very confused magus pyromancer!!

Jan 18, 2009
you dont have to really finish the reading into the past thing .

if you have finished the kazsteins lab then go to the guy in the royal museum
who looks like a detective and he will give you a quest which will make you beat marley bone :-D

Feb 07, 2009
DUDE if you finished all those quests and you cant find anymore then you either can access mooshu or its just a bug. Kengsington park is not required and the other 2 quests arent either.