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What next?

Jan 11, 2009
I just joined marleybone and have done a few quests. I have just finished the quest where you have to deliver supplies to Krokotopia. When I got back he just gave me my reward and nothing else. I have tried talking to him a few times but he will not say any more. I have checked my quest list and there is nothing!

Please tell me what to do next because I am not sure which quest to start (Marleybone is so big :-o ) and can not continue any further

Please reply soon

CoolDude1785 :D

Jul 12, 2008
Make sure you talk to the first NPC in Marleybone, in the same room as the Spiral Door. Can't think of his name offhand. Go down into Digmoore Station and talk to the Mayor. Go into the Royal Museum and talk to Clancy. Reed Treever also has a couple of quests for you.

Feb 07, 2009
i do think that once you finish that i went to Hyde park to talk to a lady
lol i dont think that helped but check k