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What happened to The Dreadfuls?

Sep 13, 2010
I was wondering. Penny D is from Marleybone. so could you see her parents? it would be great! then they are quest givers.
Mr Dreadful gives you quests to defeat and collect. His last quest is to free a pet. You get a pet called Magical Mander(Gives Locust Swarm at baby.).
Mrs dreadful is a secret Crafting Vendor. You can buy Recipes for some housing items and pets called Cave-Bird and Ghostly Krok (gives Ghost of Krok card) of her and she gives you a quest to deliver some of her products. To find her you must go down a small path next to the Dreadfuls House. Then defeat a boss called O'leary Fist-Smasher. School Death. Health 1,000.
Post your comments and ideas!

Aug 26, 2008
I think thats a good idea. I have been thinking the same thing. maybe they each of Penny's siblings should give you a quest or something too.

May 20, 2010
Sep 13, 2010
Thanks for the ideas. I've got an idea for some of Penny's older siblings.
Samuel Dreadful and Caleb Dreadful are outside with Mr. Dreadful.
Heather Dreadful is in a room behind Mr Dreadful. Mr. Dreadful's first quest has no quest arrow 'cause you have to talk to every Dreadful ( not including Penny's twin sister Heather. You have to free the pet & Heather form a boss.)
The House:
Penny's twin Heather is inside the house (Note: The Dreadful's Hand-made Products is only the garage and not part of the main dungeon!)Inside the dungeon you have to solve a puzzle. There are 8 cards. If you select 3 of them enemys come in. 1 of them gives you acsess to a secret passage way containing 2 silver chests and a wooden chest. Another card gives you the key to Heather's Bedroom. Inside it there are 2 minions of the monster you kidnapped Heather.
Speech: Clamty von Clawbon:-(Clamty is the youngest lizard in his family.)"Grand-Father said for me to not to letyou into the basement. So I won't. Prepare to serve the Von Clawbons and our gang!"
Health: 2,000. Fister: 1,150
School: Clawry: Death. Clawbon Fister
The rest is up to you.
Please remember that the Clawbon's are Death all but Grand-Father who's an Ice (Room 7) and Crusher-Toe who is a Storm(Room 5).

Jul 13, 2009
colagada wrote:
This should probably be in the idea forum (The Dorms).

well this is the marley bone forum