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What happends when you get reported?

Dec 13, 2008
I was in Marleybone yesterday and i was in Regents square and all i was saying was "i need a team" and some one out of no where reported me! I think. I don't know who it was but i don't know what to do. It may have been a glitch in my game so what happends when you get reported because i couldnt talk for a LONG 2 hours and I dont know if thats what happend. Please help.....

Benjamin MistMask level 36 savor of the spiral

When you report someone, or you are reported, a message is sent directly to Mr Lincoln that includes the chat logs of everything that was said before and after that report.

Mr Lincoln then reads the log and assess the situation. He determines how bad the offense was, looks up prior offenses for the reported individual, and based on that assessment he issues sanctions such as muting or banning and sends an email to the offending account explaining the violation and the sanctions.

If the report was falsely made, that is determined as well, and the player who made the false report is investigated as to whether or not they have made previous false reports. False reports are just a egregious as valid ones, and similar sanctions can be levied against repeat offenders of false reporting.

Everything that a player enters into the chat window is logged. These larger chat logs are also routinely checked for those infractions that are not reported.

Dec 13, 2008
Sorry i should have been more clear. I mean what happends to the wizard to they get a mesage or get an atto log off?

Oct 10, 2008
I hate that! I always got reported for no good reason! I beat someone in a match one day and afterward, they reported me! I just got a warning. But that was it :-(

May 29, 2009
Hey Coolmungus, name's Wolf Blade, level 26. I got reported for false reasons like when I was just standing next to someone somebody reported me. And I didn't say a word before the report. Anyways, it all depends on if the report is a true one and how bad the incident was. Hope this helps.

Wolf Blade, level 26
Savior Of The Spiral

Jul 27, 2009
I was reported once it was in a test realm and all i said was wanna race and all of a sudden i was reported :-(