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what a monday I've had.

Nov 24, 2011
After I defeat Gibson O'leary, It tells me to go over to meowiarty, so I do, thinking it was just threats or taunts. No, no, no. Malistaire standing there, and before I can realize what he just said and grab my potion, he throws me into a battle with 2 banshees (675 health each) with my health of 375, I'm defeated. So it tells me to go to Officer payne. I walk through the entire prison to the exact point it tells me to. Lo and behold, nothing's there except mooshu dairy and an empty tuna can. So just as I give up to go here, the game clicks and drags me into a battle. Halfway across the prison.

School was no picnic, either.

Mondays are like that, I guess. At least I have snow to look forward to on wednesday.

Feb 27, 2011
I am so sorry! That happens. I had to go into battle with MALISTARE, without filling up my health and mana with I potion. I forgot, but I survived because I had people to heal me! Maybe you need friends to help and heal you.