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Weird Big Ben glitch

Jul 11, 2009
Ok, so my friends and I were on our final MB battle with Meowiarty, and we saw something... unusual. In the middle of the battle, when Meowiarty was attacking, he started floating in the air as if he was standing on an invisible block and after the battle, me and my friends started walking to the spot where the "invincible final MB boss" was floatin on his invisible block, we started floating to O.o. tell me we weren't the only ones that experienced this glitch.

Level 39 Pyromancer
Nicholas EmeraldFlame

Aug 11, 2009
Jun 30, 2009
Nov 07, 2009
i've never had that glitch before, but i have had another one.
I had an impossible balance quest to get judgement, i had to defeat 2 balance people on my own in MB to get something (can't remember what it was. I'd tried about 5 times, got bored, and went and did Big Ben with my sister (i think it was big ben, but it might have been one of the others). We were about halfway through the dungeon and i spotted something on the ground, i picked it up and my quest for fighting the 2 people had gone, instead i had to take the object to someone. So i didn't ever have to complete the fight