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Warehouse Mission/Estrakir Gloomthorn

Aug 18, 2009
Can someone please tell me if the Warehouse Mission is the same thing as Spiral Geographic tower? Or is there a third tower mission I'm looking for? The 1st was in Marleybone (spiral geographic) (fought Estrakir Gloomthorn). The 2nd was in Colossus Blvd. (Briskbreeze Tower)(fought Orrick Nightglider). Can someone please tell me if there's a mission after Orrick?

Feb 28, 2009
It's somewhere around in reagent's square plus it's almost impossible to finish that i have tried more than 9 times with every kind of type. :-(

May 02, 2009
coolJ64: To fight Orrick NightGlider you just have to be level 50. To get the Celestia preview quests, you have to complete the final countdown quest in dragonspyre, then go talk to halston baelstrom who will send you on a series of quests which will eventually lead you to the warehouse quest.

attackshack: It's not impossible, you just need to have a good strategy, and have some teammates who will actually cooperate and work as a team with you in order to beat it. (not to brag, but I beat him with only 2 other people, an ice, and a life, I'm a fire.)

I would recommend looking at some guides on wizard101central or even the video run-through of the warehouse on ravenwoodraido.com, as they both provide great tips on how to get through it.

Just remember, the warehouse is OPTIONAL, meaning you don't have to complete it to go to celestia (which is not out yet).

I hope I helped some.