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Warehouse Boss dropped 65 coins

Apr 03, 2010
Today I finally beat the warehouse (suprisingly, the one time it worked was after our death friend had to go) and we were so excited to see what it would drop. I know it drops cool items because some of my friends had them in test, and i am pretty sure some in Live. But anyway, why does malistaire drop all of the good stuff if he is so easy! The strongest attack i have seen from him is vampire....

The warehouse guy uses Fire Nova(which is overpowered) and Scarecrow( which is just insanly cheap because it heals about 1000 health back each time)
.. I have no problem with him using all these completely powerful spells, but every round or two? do you know how hard it is to heal yourself and do 1000 damage each turn? If he has multiple level 48 spells, it should definitely not be scarecrow, because it heals so much to him....

but back to the point. If malistare is way easier and he drops a ton of good stuff, why is a boss 10x harder dropping nothing but coins?