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Trouble with Katzenstiens Lab?

Oct 09, 2010
So I woke up early this morning just so I could have time to finish Katzenstiens lab *sorry if I spelled it wrong*
It takes 3 hours to finish on your own, and sense nobody would help me, I had to complete it myself. I made sure not to log out or be inactive for over 20-30 minutes. I completed the entire dungeon, and before I logged out, I made absolutely sure I finished. So I logged out because I had to go to the store for some stuff to start my science fair project. I came back and logged back in, and it said I never finished the dungeon. So, I just thought it was a glitch, no big deal. So I completed it again. But once again, I logged out and logged back in, and it still says I never finished it. Is there any way to fix this, because I really don't want to waste another 3+ hours doing a dungeon I've completed twice already.