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Too many dungeons?

Mar 01, 2011
I really love Wizard 101 because I'm a caretaker under a lot of daily stress and this gives me another world to be in!

But...I got very frustrated playing through Marleybone because of the continuous dungeon quests. There are too many and they take so long!

When you enter, it says it'll take from 30-90 minutes to play, shorter with others playing. I do have others playing, but it's taking an abnormally long time to do!

For instance, it took me hours to get through Ironworks. Then Big Ben became another dungeon for me yesterday and that took me about four hours to get through!

I hate dungeons because you can't log out for longer than 30 minutes, which means if you have something to get done, someplace to go, phone rings, etc. - you're having to start all over again with the same frustration.

That makes the game very unenjoyable to play. One dungeon per world would be plenty enough. Then we could just perfect our skills and log off and log back in and play another round, without having to stay on the computer for hours to play a dungeon!

I don't want to not play any worlds or quests. I want to do all the main ones and the side ones. I want to finish one world before I do another one. So I'm very anxious to be done with Marleybone because it's become more of a chore and not a pleasure.

I just hope the new worlds don't have all these dungeons...

May 20, 2010
Big Ben is the end of Marleybone.

As for dungeons, there will be more of these instances as you progress through Mooshu and Dragonspyre.