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To Mooshu!

Jun 01, 2009
I would really love to get out of marleybone and into mooshu. How do you get out and what quest route do you take? I am mainly going with the sherlock bone's quest. But so far I have reached Katenztien's lab (lol his name is hard to spell [no pun intended])

I am guessing big ben is the last thing you have to do but so far i am wrong most of the time it took me months to finish kroktopia :).

Find me in Marleybone, I am Morgan Duskflame. I need some help with the lab.

Miss ya Dakota! Have fun in prison!

Jun 16, 2009
To get out of Marleybone, you need to do Counterweight East and Counterweight West and Big Ben in the Royal museum. I recommend you bring friends to help, especially with Big Ben, also in Big Ben you may see milk bottles, I don't care if you touch them.
I got out of MB yesterday, I understand what you mean by how MB can get boring, I understand!

~Natalie Moonblade

Mar 08, 2009
Um, just a small comment. Its not bad to spill the milk bottles. Here's what happens: If you spill all 3 Milk Bottles Spike The Crusher spawns on the floor just before meowiarty. He drops some nice stuff and gives you the badge Crusher Crusher. I loved Marleybone and i thought it was really short cause there were 4 instances in a row. Lol

Joseph Liferider Grandmaster Life
Joseph Sandrider Level 30 Balance ( Warlord )
Joseph Nightrider Level 27 Death
Matthew Starblood Level 20 Storm

Jun 16, 2009
Big ben is already long enough that's why I don't spill milk bottles. If you wanna spill one go ahead but it makes it longer.

Jul 04, 2009
no dont listen to the other people but spill the milk bottles it makes spike mad and he gives better stuff right before meowairty

Oct 10, 2008
Do Courtweight east, Cortweight west and then big ben its self, if your doing the sherlock bones quest then your on the right track :)