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tips to marlybone

Jun 05, 2010
hey wizard 101 just asking for some tips on mb because am level 32 life and its so hard :(

May 20, 2010
First, go see your teacher at the Life school in Ravenwood. You may be missing several spells. For example, you should have Seraph and Regenerate. If you don't, then you need to go train them (and perhaps many others) and/or do quests for them.

Also, go check around for other spells that are available without spending training points. A few are:

1) Life Shield: Sabrina Greenstar, Wizard City Faieregrounds.

2) Life Trap AND Entangle: Mildred Farseer, down the path across from Mindy PixieCrown on Colossus Boulevard.

3) Calm: Mortis the Death Tree in Nightside (behind the waterfall by the bridge in the Wizard City commons area).

4) Drain Health: Croaky, in the basement of Digmoore Station in Marleybone.

If you have these spells, then hang in there with Lifeblade , Life Trap, and Seraph. At level 33, your teacher will have a more powerful spell for you.

Also, you might consider training Death up to Feint (7 points) for a 70% trap.