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This is Just Plain Ridiculous

Dec 16, 2008
OK, I'm doing the Marleybone crafting quest now, but I've run into one small problem...
The lack of scarp iron. I already know where you can find it, but my problem is how often it appears. I never see scarp iron anywhere in Marleybone and I'm
a GRANDMASTER. If someone could just ell me how often they appear, I'd really appreciate it.

Mary Goldenhaven-Level 50 Pyromancer

May 20, 2010
A lot of people farm scrap iron.

The best place to find it is outside of Timothy Icepick's warehouse. There are three respawn points there.

If you don't find any at one point, try teleporting to another.

Aug 23, 2009
Port/run between spawn sites, realm switch, bazaar-actually has a small selection now, and Celestia has Scrap Iron. I know it is frustrating, but it is easily doable, around Marleybone I can get 30 scrap iron in under 40 minutes. Trust me this quest is nothing compared to Grandmaster Artisan quest, which I finally finished.

Feb 09, 2009
The more you advance in the crafting quest, the rarer the necessary reagents will be. That's why I don't do the crafting quest anymore and none of my other wizards have even started it; it doesn't even give you much.

May 04, 2009
If you can't find any than just go to Olde Town and buy some from Bazaar. He sells everything, it's a player-controlled store.

Feb 14, 2010
Best way to get scrap iron, is to transmute. You can buy the tranmute scrap iron recipe from I believe the krok crafter. Ore is required to transmute, and ore can always be found in krok hot areas, or be purchased at the bazaar. If you think the hunt for scrap iron is bad, start collecting stone blocks now, as they are murderous once on the Grand Master crafter badge :\

Good Luck
Keira Lifeheart legendary life, and grand master crafter