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The tedium of Big Bem

Mar 28, 2019
Man, this dungeon is slow. everything about it is a painful slog to go through. I dont think ive ever had this many encoutners in a dungeon, even when trying to full clear the Sunken City for animus.

Dec 16, 2012
Big Ben is the last dungeon of Marleybone that needs to be cleared. From your message, it sounds like you attempted to solo it. For starters, I don't recommend doing that but if you are confident you can beat it, then go for it! The landmark has 15 floors, most of which has enemies you will have to beat. There are few instances in which you can heal up so I advise you take advantage of those. I believe the healing sprites respawn too. And if you're up for taking on the secret boss, just knock down the milk jugs three times and you'll face him soon enough. Good luck!

Sydney Storm

Aug 03, 2016
Try a team up.

I kept being trolled when I joined people's team up requests, but some brave soul will do it.

Jan 18, 2010
Big Ben used to be much longer and difficult back in the day.

The dungeon as it currently stands was not what faced us in years of 2011 and possibly prior.

The game has since then gone through updates some of which included altering the difficult level in Big Ben.

You can use Team-Up if all else fails.

I do agree that it can feel a little and even be a little slow depending on your own individual experiences.

Mar 16, 2012
This instance can be soloed. The good thing about this dungeon is that if you're defeated, you don't lose your progress, so heal up and go back in!

Aug 03, 2016
Due to this topic I joined a team up request for Big Ben the other day. They turned out to be farming and they ported in a friend of theirs toward the end, who did most of the hitting after that. But hey I tried and it was a fun diversion.