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swimming with the stars quest

Feb 28, 2011
Hey guys.

I'm storm level 52, my friend is ice level 51.
We are both trying to do the swimming with the stars quest in the clock tower in Marleybone but word has it its difficult because the bad guys cheat.

We are looking for tips and also players who are interested in doing this quest along with us.

Any help would be much appreciated

Arthur ThunderWeaver

Mar 18, 2009
Apr 10, 2010
Its an optional tower and it is difficult in places. It took over a dozen attemts for my myth wizard to finally finish it. Sure, a few of those times, we just got plain old tired of trying and quit.
The first boss does cheat, but its the topmost level that you'll have the hardest time. Until you kill the life opponent, don't heal, or he will use rebirth. :x As for the rest of it, I don't really remember very much. Its been a long time for my myth.
Although I do have most of my other legendary chars that are ready to try to take on the tower.