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Stuck on a quest, defeating Pops O'leary?

Jan 16, 2010
So I was defeating Pop's assistant sneaky something when my friend ported to me and he was helping me defeat him, when we were done my friend decided to go to Pop's O'leary and he told me to port but I got stuck in a duel cause I ran into some enemies due to my slow laggy computer, when I did port to him, he had defeated Pop's O'leary already and when we finished that duel Baxter told me to go talk to Sherlock Bones, but my quest tracker said that I still had to defeat Pops, but he wouldn't appear. It won't let me restart the dungeon, I tried logging in and back out, what do I do? If I don't defeat Pop's O'leary then I won't get any more quests from Sherlock Bones which means I can't level up in Marleybone. What do I do?

Aug 14, 2011
That's is exactly what happens to me I ran into some guys on my way to pops so i had to kill them after i was done i ported to my friends because he waited for me so we beat him it said he did the quest just fine and i still needed to defeat pops it better get fixed!!!

May 10, 2009
I too had this problem, but i then tried it solo and called in a henchman from the crown shop and then it worked. it's really hard to get around in marleybone without getting caught. I had to defeat many of the people in the dungeon besides from the boss because i ran into them so frequently. maybe call in a minion or henchman and try? i'm not sure but it worked for me. :) best of luck!