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storyline stopped...

Jan 15, 2011
you know how quests that make the story line can;t be declined? i am happy with that update but when i finally got to marleybone the guy in the museum said i can't go in the sarcoughogaus(bad spelling... lol) because it is fragile and such and he gave me a quest that could be declined... i asked my friends who got past and reached marleybone but they all said they don't remember where the story line quest is... do you have to be a certain level because i'm still 27 but i'm getting close to level 28...

Mar 19, 2009
I actually dont think it matters all that much, if you can still do story quests, do them! Your question isnt very clear, sorry.

A+ Student
Dec 11, 2010
hello i dont remember either but they made it so that if your not at least level 30 in marleybone you cant do the story line quest if read the update correctly. dont worry though just go back and do quest from a past wotld that wasnt done aka a side quest and try to level up to level 30 thengo back hope this helped

Feb 14, 2010
I also am having difficulty understanding the question.
What he tells you at the Museum is to go to Digimore Station and talk to the Mayor to continue the quest line. If you talked to him then you should have the quest in your book.
There isn't a level requirement to continue the quests in Marleybone once you collect the portal key in Krokotopia.

Good luck.