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Oct 30, 2010
I am having major trouble fighting Sprockets and beating him. I am a level 32 Death with Katazien's Face Mask,The Terminal Robe, And Mr.Clankers Convulsive Shoes.My spells are Skeletal pirate,Poison,Vampire,Banshee,Ghoul,Dark Pixie,Feint, Death Blade,Death trap,Curse,Firecat,Fire Elf,Sunbird,Meteor Strike,Fire Trap,Wild Fire,Animate,and other Minion boosting Spells. Somebody please give me a strategy.Also,don't advise me too get more friends please,(Though it would be a good idea)I know Sung Tzu says to have a force grater than your enemy but I'm a bit short on friends. Pleas reply ASAP.

Dec 01, 2010
I have been able to solo every boss, my strategy has been to trap and blade until I have enough pips to kill the side kick. Once he is out of the way you only have the boss to deal with. I never kill the boss first in any dungeon simply it takes to long and you'll be taking double damage during that time, when most side kicks can be killed with one spell.

Another side note is to use sprite! I don't use any other healing spells, 300 health for 1 pip. I usually use them when i have only one pip or didn't get a power pip that round. at level 30ish i had around 38% power pip chance. I recommend to get a ring with a good power pip chance if you do not have at least that.

I hope this helps.