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Spike The Crusher

May 04, 2011
I've been farming Spike The Crusher for "Crusher's Deathly Robes" on and off a lot for about 5 to 6 days now

I looked up on Wizard101 Wiki Central that he does drop it, and it has a confirmation

I've tried so many times, and opened the chest a few times, but I get the same things over and over, even when I tried the chest still no luck

is there any other bosses that drop a robe that looks like it?

Jan 05, 2014
If you just care about the appearance, you can buy a "daredevil's jacket," which looks just like it. They are sold by Eloise Merriwether In the Wizard city commons. They cost a little over 600 gold. She stands next to Zeke, and will stitch the appearance over a robe with more useful stats if you can spare 100 crowns.