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Spells Changed, How Mobs Move, And Their Natural A

Sep 11, 2008
I was fighting Burly Trolls and when they fell dead to the floor they fell a different way than the use to. Also, someone use sandstorms and it seems shortened. Also their natural attack use to be pounding on the floor except I saw one jumping in the air and hitting me and the did the pounding on the floor, but they did it like they threw their hammer or whatever it is on the floor, but last time they did it from the side of their waist. Is that only happening in Marleybone?

Have you guys been tinkering with the mobs. If you have, why didn't you tell us. I only saw that you're going to put voices and other stuff on the newsletter.


From our Update Notes (click quote to read more): <a href="https://www.wizard101.com/site/home2/wizard101/page_8ad6a4042100700b01211200afe1031f" target="_new" rel="nofollow">Creatures of the Spiral have learned some new moves! Watch for them.</a>

We have made some small cosmetic changes to some of the longer casting spells to bring them more in line with the length of time it usually takes to cast a spell. As for the natural attacks, like we said, someone's been teaching the creatures of the Spiral some new moves! Hope you enjoy the variety of attacks.

Sep 11, 2008
Oh, sorry I didn't see that part on the newsletter.