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Dec 05, 2010
What would a sidewalk be doing on a rooftop?

In Marleybone you are exploring the rooftops of the city. There are no sidewalks.
Just be aware of the locations of the creatures in relation to your Wizard and you can travel just fine. You will learn how to do it, just as you have learned other skills in the game.

Oct 24, 2010
solonick wrote:
In Marlybone i get in WAY to much fights .Could someone add sidewalks?

Everyone complains about this. You need to slow down. Watch how the mobs move and stay as close to the sides as possible.
I rarely get pulled into battles in Marleybone anymore because I have learned patience. You will too.

Jul 03, 2010
solonick wrote:
In Marlybone i get in WAY to much fights .Could someone add sidewalks?

MarleyBone is a test of patience, it also helps if you learn the way the monsters react to where you are. Try not to get caught in corners etc. when going up the ramps. If you have a mount, one you can see clearly with helps also. I was in Marleybone quite a while before I finally got the hang of it. It does make it a long world because of all the waiting to pass going on but once you do most the rest of the worlds allow you to travel more freely.

May 24, 2012
That would be kinda like asking someone else to keep you safe. Marleybone isn't good for mounts as you've probably figured out. It's where you hone your patience and judgement skills. Slow down, pay attention to your timing. If you're not sure if you can get by someone don't try. It's also a good place to level up a couple. Lots of quests and some dungeons. Do your best, not your fastest.