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Scrap iron

Mar 29, 2009
Help me! I cannot find scrap iron anywhere in marlybone. I need allot of iron to make the constellation jewel and stinger of the scorpion. But, i cant find any. If anyone knows any tips to find it please tell me!

Jun 25, 2009
Go to:


You'll see detailed maps of reagent spawn points. Just keep cruising the spawn points in various realms, and eventually you'll get enough scrap iron to finish your quest. It's time consuming, but it works.


Jun 18, 2009
the scrap iron problem has me hating crafting now. was ok with it but i find mist wood on roof tops, warehouses etc, but so far in my couple weeks in in Marleybone i have found eight . The bazarre never or almost never has it, reagent vendors dont have it. Seems insurmontable.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
Secrets to finding scrap iron:

1) Know where it spawns (see maps referenced above)

2) Determine times when others are not going to 'poach' your area.

3) Pick a short run on the map of 40-60 sec that has 3 or more sites.

4) Starting in any realm:
a) run one direction, checking all the spawn locations.
b) switch to the next realm
c) reverse run direction, again checking spawn locations.
d) once you go through all the realms (I think there are25-30 of them),

I know of 3 such 'runs'. Last night, a little over two hours, 40+ scrap iron.

Words of warning: If you think collecting scrap iron is tough, it is very easy compared to black pearls (a two hour run as above, a 70sec run, eight spawn locations gives 1-3/hr...and you need 70 of the black pearls.) Blood moss is also as difficult, if not more so, than pearls,

Aug 16, 2009
i agree, to require so much to do one little quest then limit the supply to nill'
has me wishing i never started crafiting anything. now i have a quest i can't finish.

i am in Moo Shu now and still have the MB crafting quest,
Kings Isle needs to do something about this issue.
even if it is just decrease the respawn time on scrap iron only.

i have enough mist wood to build a mist forest.

Jul 06, 2009
absolutely! LOL i have two each of the artifacts you mentioned and same reason, hard to find scrap iron, occasionally i will go back and just get tired of hunting ... part of the game.

Jun 26, 2009