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Regents Square Shop Scam-artists

Apr 03, 2010
I have noticed, while playing on my balance alt, that some of the shopkeepers in the regent square shops have been charging more than they ask for.

I tried to buy the orange-brown version, which cost something around 2660, and I had about 3000 coins. Then when I clicked buy it said transaction was not successful, so I tried out brown-brown, which cost about 1000 coins and it worked for that. Then I went to a different store, and had about 2000 coins. I bought a hat that was supposed to be 1100 coins, and it ended up taking 1500 coins out of my inventory.

I am not asking for a refund or something, just saying that might be something to look into.

We'll look into this, but we need more information from you. Which items were you trying to purchase when you noticed this pricing bug?

If you want the prize, you have to build the ladder rung by rung. There are no shortcuts.
May 20, 2010
I reproduced the opening poster's problem with my Balance wizard in the Hat shop at Marleybone.

I bought the Pleasing Hat, base=brown (option on right), trim=brown (option in upper right corner). The price for the hat with these colors was listed at 1176 coins. The shop charged me 1470 coins.

I don't want the coins back, either, as my wizard has plenty. I'm just attempting to step-analyze the problem so that it can be debugged by your programmers.

Apr 03, 2010
Sorry, I was at a baseball game yesterday so I couldnt go on, but yeah, colagada pretty much summed it up.

Also saying, there happens to be a bug with wayfinder gear in the bazaar. This might have been fixed already but I am nor sure. But anyway, if you go to red-red wayfinder hat, (this is just for example because right now I am not sure of the prices) then it will say something like 10k. then switch to different colors, then come back to red-red. Instead of 10k, it will go up to its real price. Not sure whats wrong with this but Wayfinder gear is actually expensive, and could anger some people.