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Really need help on big ben

Sep 11, 2010
Hey everyone my screen name is andrew skysword, my real name is Akul Rajan i am a level 30 necromancer and i really need help on Big Ben i have been there 27 times and i have been counting i got to floor 8 with a friend then she fled and did not even come back so whoever can give me tips or can help me that would be great :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :).

Jul 13, 2009
Hello, I think I might be able to lend a hand. First of all, the best thing to do is do it during the day, not at night, bcuz ppl often get off their computers at night, and not to early too. Next, find a friend u have known online for a while, I was lucky when I met som ppl doing ironworks at the same time as me, and after I helped them with the clockworks and bigben, they helped me, as I had one mor quest till I got there to help them (after I helped them I finished that quest and got to the clockworks and big ben) and they didn't leave me the whole time. Also a tip for when u are doing it, rotate on who goes first, one floor u go first the next they do. The reason behind this is while they attack u, ur friend can heal from when they went first, and when they r going first u can heal. There is really no need for otions except mana, and if one of u dies, flee then port bac to the other. I hope this helps, and hav fun with bigben (ps don't knock over the little milk cans or whatever(pss I heard if u do u hav to fight an extra boss))

Amber Stormsong magus diviner in mooshu & the arena