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Ran out of cards in Counterweight West!!

Mar 02, 2009
I can't believe I made it all the way to the final duel in Counterweight West...two hours of my life!!...only to run out cards fighting that stupid Potbelly. I had him down to 200 life and wound up waiting to die because I had no cards left in my deck. Grrrrr!!! I'll never make that mistake again. Has this happened to anyone else?

Feb 18, 2009
Ugghhhh, Yes, I have to admit that I made this mistake when I was new in Wizard City. I did this while in Sunken City. Luckily I had someone else in their with me so I could port back in but I ran out of cards and had to wait to Flee and come back.

I've also seen myself getting so very close to running out when I was fighting in the CounterWeight East once when I was fighting on my own.

I have added the RESHUFFLE card into my deck that you get from Collosus Blvd. (for one training point) to help stop this madness.

I hope this helps,

Hunter SilverHeart

Dec 22, 2008
You can get reshuffle from the library as well. I wouldn't waste a training point on it as you will probably only need it once a duel. If you buy the treasure card, then you can pull it up as needed instead of waiting for it to rotate into your hand.

Mar 02, 2009
Thank you! That's a great idea. I like to solo and in these long matches I'm discovering I need all my cards...

Dec 02, 2008
You can also take the approach of fill up your deck and don't discard much, if you know that a battle is going to be long. Through the end of Mooshu, I've never had to reshuffle, and only very rarely had to pull out treasure cards.