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quest for a minion (calling all ice wizards)

Dec 20, 2008
ok so im like a level 30 ice wizard and i still havent got my minion i try killing the monsters for it but i get the last monster down to like maybe 400 heal and i get killed i done this for about 3 days each with out luck both monsters are a rank 5 and a rank 4 boss the boss has like 2,000 heal other has 645 or some thing like that but anywho i need to come up with a way to kill them

if your a ice wizard help me out.......

Each school has at least one minion, here are the levels that the minions are available through a quest.

Fire - level 28
Ice - level 28
Death - level 28
Storm - level 18
Life - level 18
Balance - levels 18 and 38
Myth - levels 2, 7, 18 and 38

Your teacher will give you the quest for your minion, at the appropriate level. If you are above the level for your school's minion, you probably already have this quest in your journal, but you still need to complete that quest to receive your spell.

Jul 22, 2009
I agree -- it's a really difficult fight. I got it the first time but that was because I had a treasure card for a Dryad (225 hp per pip) so I managed to stay alive. Down to 6 hp at the end, lol.

My recommendation is to get your treasure cards lined: sprites, pixies, guiding light, satyr, and possibly dryad so you can keep healing.

It's also worth investing in the cards that make your hits less likely to fizzle -- Keen Eyes and Precision. If I had had one more fizzle, I would have lost the fight.

Traps and blades are good for making your hits harder too.

Oh and most importantly, kill the minion first so you're not taking as many hits from the bad guys.

Good luck with the fight! It's worth it -- I love my minion.

Kestrel Bluehaven