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Please help!

Oct 23, 2008
I was walking around Grizzleheim. I had just finished a battle, when something popped up on the screen. It was Merle Ambrose saying to meet him in his castle to earn Marleybone. I went there, and he didn't let me . When I went to the World Tree, it still didn't let me . It has been two whole months, and I still can't go there. Please help!

My username is mateearteer, and my character name is Terri Redthorn
I am level 26, Life sudent

Dec 13, 2009
Have you finished Krokotopia yet? The only way to go into Marleybone is by accomplishing Krok. After you finish Krok, you get a new school card and go to the Dog dude in the Oasis. He gives you the Key to Marleybone and you can go there whenever you want.
~Mark Rubythief~
Legendary Pyromancer
"Light up a Fire in your Heart"

Jun 14, 2009
Did you defeat Krokopatra (ex sp), the last boss you must defeat to get to MB? If not, this is why you haven't received the key. Ambrose, usually doesn't summon you to get the key to go there.

He does have a habit of checking up on you from time to time. This is a known bug. If indeed he did summon you and you have completed the Krok, you may have a bug. Contact tech support, with the information that you just provided and they should be able to help you.

Jan 02, 2011
that is EXACTLY what happened to me yesterday! i emailed them, dont worry and I will reply back to you with the reply k?

May 25, 2009